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PhD Manager creates accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date records of Doctoral Research projects.

  • comprehensive records
  • accessed by Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors
  • easy integration with your student record system
  • accurate records create reliable reports


PhD Manager enables Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors to easily record supervision meetings.

  • a central place to store supervision meeting records
  • shared with the entire supervisory team
  • track where supervision meetings aren’t happening

Online Forms

PhD Manager provides online forms making administration easier.

  • key stage applications
  • change requests
  • annual monitoring reviews
  • streamline and speed up processes

Training and Development

PhD Manager provides tools to effectively manage training and development events.

  • organise events online
  • publicise tailored events
  • manage attendance
  • skills and training logs

Reports and Analytics

PhD Manager provides extensive reporting on every aspect of a Doctoral Research programme.

  • real-time management information dashboards
  • analytical reports showing trends over time
  • UKVI visa monitoring reports
  • export reports
  • filter and sort reports

As used by

Case study

PhD Manager enables us to monitor progress more effectively, whilst at the same time reducing the time spent on administration.

The University of Westminster's busy Graduate School supports several hundred Doctoral Researchers across five faculties in central London. With a growing Doctoral Research programme, the University was keen to improve the Doctoral Researcher experience and likelihood of timely successful completion, at the same time as reducing the programme's administrative overhead.

With a directory of all Doctoral Research projects, records are now easily accessible by all those involved with the project, saving time and reducing the risk of records in different systems becoming out of sync.

'What's most important to me is ensuring each Doctoral Researcher is receiving effective support and has the best chance of a timely and successful completion,' explained Professor Simon Joss, Director of the Graduate School. 'PhD Manager enables us to monitor progress more effectively, whilst at the same time reducing the time spent on administration.'

PhD Manager Case Study Read more:
PhD Manager Case Study

Technical specifications

Built on the Haplo Platform

Completely customisable to support your workflow and process

Integrates with University Identity Management and Student Record Systems

Data import of files and data

Fine-grained, flexible access permissions

Works in all browsers

Secure and reliable hosting

PhD Manager Tech Specs

The full technical specification is available for download (PDF).


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