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PhD Manager creates accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date records of Doctoral Research projects.

  • comprehensive records
  • accessed by Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors
  • easy integration with your student record system
  • accurate records create reliable reports

What others say about us

"The implementation of PhD Manager has positively changed the role of staff. Instead of answering questions about regulations and processes as these are now clear in PhD Manager, we are able to spend our time supporting students."

University of Westminster

"PhD Manager is accessible, reliable, fresh and integral to our postgraduate research programme. It’s easy to use, has resulted in a massive reduction of paper and removed the need for actual signatures. All we’ve received is positive feedback, with barely any training required."

University of Northampton

"PhD Manager enables us to monitor progress more effectively, whilst at the same time reducing the time spent on administration."

University of Westminster

"With PhD Manager, more time is spent on developing the programme rather than on the day to day administration. For instance, we have been able to develop other areas of our programme such as disability support."

University of Westminster

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Case study

The University of Westminster's busy Graduate School supports several hundred Doctoral Researchers across five faculties in central London. With a growing Doctoral Research programme, the University was keen to improve the Doctoral Researcher experience and likelihood of timely successful completion, at the same time as reducing the programme's administrative overhead.

With a directory of all Doctoral Research projects, records are now easily accessible by all those involved with the project, saving time and reducing the risk of records in different systems becoming out of sync.

'What's most important to me is ensuring each Doctoral Researcher is receiving effective support and has the best chance of a timely and successful completion,' explained Professor Simon Joss, Director of the Graduate School.

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PhD Manager Case Study

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